Collection of aggregated data as event program - Pros/Cons

A Question to DHIS2 design thinkers,

We have a use case to collect aggregated data for several indicators on the country level yearly.

We are tempted to use the event program, because we could use lot of program rules for hiding/unhiding etc.

Is it recommendable to use event program for aggregated data collection?

Thank you in advance

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Thanks for the question! I hope that other community members will get to this as well. I’m still a beginner, but would like to share my opinion.

If the situation allows for an event program (or even a tracker program) then I’d say go for it because you could still collect the same info along with the ability to expand. However, this depends on the data entry methods and skill level, use case and type of info … etc

What do you think, yourself?

Thanks! (:

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I also tend to use event program, but philosophically it’s a bit against DHIS2 design right. My only reason for going event program is because i cannot apply rules easilly in aggregation dataset

I don’t know if it is, but we can always go from tracker to aggregate and not the opposite. In aggregate there’s the max/min values as well as validation rules; additionally, it’s possible to add JavaScript and CSS code to a custom form but then comes the issue with generating reports when one isn’t using plain/basic HTML.

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