Clarification around program indicators (aggregation types)


I have read the documentation about different program indicators types, but I haven’t figured out what the following highlighted aggregation types really mean in practical examples:

Can anyone briefly give me some practical examples of when use them? I mean one example for each aggregation type in the image

So so far I have used the commonly used ones: Sum, and count.


Hi @fernandoshake,

I think you will find this session on Last Value Aggregate Type from the DHIS2 Analytics Tools Academy - 2021 Q2 helpful. Please have a look, video URL below at the start of the topic:

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Hi @Gassim,

I have watched the video; it deals with last value aggregation type from the perspective of a data element and it did help in that sense But ere there any videos you can share with me that talk about the same aggregation type from the perspective of program indicators?


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Following up with @tracker-analytics , thanks @fernandoshake! :smile::+1: