CHWS performance report

Hi all,

We are using DHIS 2 version 2.36.6

We have event and tracker programs the CHWs use to capture data on android phones. We would like to have a report based on user performance. e.g., selecting a CHW name and view all the data they submitted either for event or tracker program.

Is this possible in DHIS 2? Any idea of how we can achieve this?

Looking forward to suggestions, hints …


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Hi @fernandoshake,

This has been asked by @ferdinandmussavene and answered. Please see the post and feel free to post to the community if you have more questions, thanks!

Hi @Gassim,

As you say there are currently no Audit history for events available directly in the UI. I will explore other possibilities you have mentioned in the post, e.g. API and get back you afterwards. One question: while reading the docs on event and tracker program configuration, I saw Allow user assignment of events in the configuration page . What does this really mean? Can this help to track data entered by users?