CHW using DHIS2 capture app, need support

My name is Ugochi Nweke am a Community health worker and also covid 19 validator. I have been using my Dhis2 capture for a while now so two days ago i dated my app and i noticed that the new one i can’t work wit it in fact is not even bringing up a new page for a new registration. Please i really need help on this matter. Thanks

Hi @Angel_Arum,

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Please do you see any error message that you can share? What mobile phone are you using? And what is the android version? Please, how did you update the app (is it using Google Play for example or another way?)

Please try to restart the device and ensure you have enough memory in your phone (and the required specifications).

Are you able to open the registration form in your web browser?

Thank you!

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Hello @Angel_Arum .

In addition to what @Gassim is sharing please note that sometimes while updating the App there might be an issue with the cache. Therefore resetting fully the App (by going to Android Settings > Apps > DHIS2 > Storage > Clear Cache -and/or clear data-) might fix the issue.

Please be aware that if you clear the data (as in bold above) you will loose any data not synced to the server. So this should be used as a last resource.

Let us know if you managed to fix the issue and/or you need might help.