CHW Tool Kit Demo profiles not work

Dear System Administrator,

I am writing to report an issue with the CHW Toolkit demo instance.

I am currently unable to access it for review purposes.

Would it be possible to reset my profile for this instance?

If any additional steps are required on my end to gain access, please let me know.

Thank you for your time and assistance.



Hi Gerald,

I have tried both with the FR and the EN credentials and have no access issue from my side. Try copy-pasting the credentials rather than typing them just to make sure it’s not a small oversight when typing maybe?

The demo allows you to interact directly with the interface, though you can also review the content of the CHIS toolkit through our documentation, and by reviewing the reference file in the downloaded package folder in the metadata download page.

Let us know if the issue persists!

Dear Vittoria,
Thank you for your information. The copy-and-paste works for me.

Dear Vittoria,

I’m currently, reviewing the CHW Toolkit demo intending to customize our instance to align with the CHW program’s hardcopy forms.

I have a question a question I want to ask: can we leverage the CHW Toolkit’s metadata to comprehensively collect all the data required by the program forms?

Thank you for your clarification.

Best regards,cvgc7ul21oobo1cuxp8c2/ADjLhKO3geFwCLEcYhYLZ1E?rlkey=gm57r0datc7rcqw62t917ejgw&st=bia65nyh&dl=0

Hi Gerald,

yes of course. the toolkit is a modular structure for you to mix and match the global guidance to how the programs collect the relevant info in the community. The information in the toolkit is divided by program, though the data elements and indicators will need to be mapped vs how the activities are run in practice in the specific context where you are working (eg. age groups, program-specific data points vs cross-cutting variables such as the MH ones).
If you need more info or guidance, please feel free to contact me at Happy to continue the discussion during a call if you’d like.

I am going to take advantage to remind you that we are going to have a session dedicated to Community Health during this year’s Annual Conference on June, 12th at 10.30 CEST.