CHW supply chain tools Landscape Analysis

Hi everyone, I am happy to share that DHIS2-LMIS has been included in a USAID landscape analysis as 1 of 5 viable solutions for CHW to capture supply chain data effectively. We continue to develop Last-Mile logistics solutions that can be implemented effectively in health facilities and by community health workers!

See more details below and in the links.

Most technology solutions in global health are not designed with the community health worker (CHW) in mind. USAID Global Health Supply Chain Program-Procurement and Supply Management (GHSC-PSM) project conducted this landscape analysis, which is the first of its type. Along with the analysis is a supporting technical brief highlighting five mobile applications that government entities and local organizations can deploy for CHWs to capture supply chain data easily, report and request stock, and successfully provide services to their communities. Also included in the analysis and the technical brief are common and unique features of the mobile apps to enable countries and organizations to decide which application is most suited based on their programmatic and country needs.


Looks very informative after a quick overview. Thanks for sharing, @Breno . I shall revert if any comment arises when I’ll look at it more carefully.