CHIS Usecase Implementation

Hi, @Lars and @jason,

I am wondering if you could help me with a use case.


I have the following situation illustrated in the table above:

  1. I have built two data sets: HIV and TB. Both are assigned to Gaia Health facility. Data is entered based on CHWs. I would like to configure CHWs as dropdown lists so that when the HIV dataset is selected, only CHWs in blue are shown and when the TB dataset is selected, only CHWs in orange are show although both groups of chws are based in the same health facility.

  2. For ETC, it is use case 2 where different groups of CHWs work in different health facilities which is not what I have in use case 1 where two groups are based in the same HF.


Hi @hernandezmachava,

Thanks for the question. It’s an interesting one. First, I highly encourage you to read the CHIS DHIS2 guidlines. It covers many examples of how best to represent CHW’s in DHIS2. You’ll find in the guidelines that we do not encourage you to not represent CHWs as drop down lists. It is not very scalable in the DHIS2 architecture and it is very difficult to manage from a system administrator perspective.

I would encourage you to instead, have the CHWs as organizational unit under the facilities that the operate from. You can then assign the CHWs the dataset corresponding with the services they provide.

This is quite a complex scenario with many variables to consider. After you have had a look at the guidelines please do get back to me with any questions.

All the best,

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