Child and Pugh score: Automatic calculation

Hi, Community
Currently I am setting up a tracker program on DHIS2 2.37, to track hepatitis C cases.
I want to be able to calculate the Child and Pugh score from the following 5 data element scoring:

Each answer chosen has a score of 1 point and the sum gives us the Child and Pugh score.
Here is the link to calculate this score on the web: Medicalcul - Score de Child-Pugh ~ Hépato-Gastroentérologie

Can someone guide me step by step to automatically calculate this score.

I think for this you could use a program rule which adds the value of 1 to a data element each time an answer is chosen.


Hi, @Gassim
Thank you for your support.

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Hi @elmoujarrade,

I’m glad it worked! I was wondering what happens when a user changes the selection? :grin::sweat_smile: Does it affect the sum or does it remain the same?


I found a practical and simple solution, I just inserted the link that calculates this score on the field of the data element, and it works very well for the moment.
thank you for following

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