Charts not loading for COVID19 package on fresh DHIS2 installation

We’re encountering some issues when trying to setup COVID19 tracker package on a freshly installed DHIS 2.33.2 instance. Everything was done according to the official instructions.

The charts are forever loading due to a 409 conflict error when loading the dashboard.

Buggy endpoint



“httpStatus”: “Conflict”,
“httpStatusCode”: 409,
“status”: “ERROR”,
“message”: “Dimension ou is present in query without any valid dimension options”

Could you guys help us through this?

Dear Anis

Welcome to the DHIS2 community.

By chance, have you assigned an organization unit to your user yet in the user administration app for data capture and data analysis?

You can see in the call it is searching for “user_orgunit” which is the organization unit assigned to the user that has logged in.

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