Change the value of Tracked Entity Attribute from stage


I need to change the TEI value from the stage. But it doesnt seem to be working. So, after some research and googling I found few forum topics in which it was saying its not possible to change it, once its set.

But in one other topic from 2017, there was a response from core developer team, that they are going to implement it, as it was requested quite few number times.

So, where are we currently? DO we have this functionality or can someone share the work around?

Hi @Daler

It’s possible to change the TEI attributes by default but there are options to stop users from changing values. In a program stage, you are able to add data elements (not attributes) and those too can change.

If the sharing settings for the program stage is ‘can view only’ you’d not be able to edit. Another option is ‘deactivate person’ setting which makes the TEI ‘read only’.

From the docs:

Deactivate a TEI’s enrollment

If you deactivate a TEI dashboard, the TEI becomes ‘read-only’. You can’t enter data, enroll the TEI or edit the TEI’s profile.

  1. Open the Tracker Capture app.
  2. Open an existing TEI dashboard.
  3. In the Enrollment widget, click Deactivate.
  4. Click Yes to confirm.

So if the TEI is deactivated and you want to make changes, please Activate:

These were some of the configuration settings that could disable changing values, but I’m not sure what exactly you are facing. Could you take screenshots and probably best option is to share steps to reproduce this issue on

Thank you!