Change the logo of DHIS2 Capture app

Dear all,

I have three instances where the client needs to capture data using the capture app and receive training simultaneously. The first instance has a customized capture app and training app. The second instance uses the DHIS2 capture app and training app. Now, for the final instance, I would like to utilize the DHIS capture app, but with a modified logo and name to differentiate it slightly from the standard capture app. Will this approach work? I have followed the steps outlined in the provided manual (Modifying the APK · dhis2/dhis2-android-capture-app Wiki · GitHub), but the training logo is still visible. How can I edit this aspect of the logo?

Here is the XML code snippet you shared for the adaptive icon:


<adaptive-icon xmlns:android="">
    <background android:drawable="@color/ic_launcher_background"/>
    <foreground android:drawable="@drawable/ic_launcher_foreground"/>

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Hi @Gerald_Thomas,

You need to change the xml files named ic_launcher_foregroung. The training version uses a file stored in the debug\res\drawable folder while the standard version file is in the main\res\drawable.
You may also need to change the png files to support some android versions. You can use the resource manager in Android to add a new Image Asset as shown here:


Hi @Pablo @Gassim
I am currently working on changing the logo of the dhis2 capture app, and stuck!
Although I loaded/replaced the new logo using the Image Asset as you mentioned here (and therefore, I can now find the loaded image under …main/res/mitmap-X and I still see the dhis2 training logo under …debug/res/mitmap), when I run the app it kind of runs the training application instead and shows the training logos. How can I get the ‘main’ app to be running instead of the ‘training’ app? I am new to android studio, thanks for the help.

@jaime.bosque Any help on this?

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Hi @Quoda , If you want to run the production app instead of the training one, you need to change the build variants (by default it uses to be debug which is the training app), so in the Build Variants panel in Android Studio yo can swipe to “dhisRelease” variant and run the app.
Let me know if this helps you.


Hi @andresmr
Thanks so much for this. This is something I had not been able to figure out, and was working with the debug/training build.

I am new to android studio and this is very helpful! Thank you.