Change of SMS Gateway configuration in DHIS2 v2.23

Hi there DHIS2 devs,

We’re running our own DHIS2 instance and we’ve recently upgraded from version 2.21 to version 2.23. I’m having trouble configuring the SMS Gateway.

We’re using a ‘Generic HTTP’ gateway and I’ve added this in the Mobile Configuration page but I can’t seem to see the ‘SMS Service Started’ section which used to display in version 2.21.

From the API I can see under /api/sms/gateways that it’s the only gateway configured, from /api/sms/gateways/default it is set as the default, however when I attempt to send a message using /api/sms/outbound it says:

{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“no gateway configuration found”}

Any ideas?


  • Jasper