Change Domain name with dhis 2 ng tools


Please How to change domain name with dhis2 ng tools installation ?

I don’t see where the apache config is in the proxy container


Hi @didate,

I hope this is what you are looking for:

Web proxy

By default you will have instaled an apache2 reverse proxy server with an SSL/TLS certificate from letsencrypt. You will be able to browse to your DHIS2 instances with https://<server_name>/<instance_name>. You will also be able to browse to the system monitor at https://server_name>/munin. It should soon be also possible to use an nginx proxy, but the apache2 one is currently the best tested.

If you browse to home page at https//:<server_name> you will reach the apache2 default page.

It’s at the end of the ng-tools read me file: dhis2-tools-ng/ at master · bobjolliffe/dhis2-tools-ng · GitHub


Hello @Gassim ,

Humm not really.

In fact, I’ve my instance with a domain let’s say, so now I want to change it to something like that.

With a standard installation, you just have to change the proxy config in sites-available and regenerate the SSL for the new domain.

But with the dhis 2 ng-tools installation I don’t see where is this configuration.

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Okay thanks! I am asking for further support…

Meanwhile I have a question out of interest, did you try to search in the apache2 configuration?
sudo lxc exec proxy -- vi /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/apache-dhis2.conf

it’s seems to be the good file. I’m going to test and let you know.

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