Change Colorset for Stacked Column Graph (fixed)

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Please can you share experience on how to addnew ou update colorset for Stacked Column Graph ?

DHIS 2.36.12 (Build revision b6d3754)


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Hi, welcome back!

I don’t think this is possible directly on the app. However, it’d be great if you’d like to write about the use case and why such a feature is important.

Please feel free to create a feature request here and share it in the community so other members could vote/watch.

Thank you!

Dear @Gassim

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For performance follow-up we want to categorize for each month of reporting and for a specific indicator, the percentage of health facilities with 03 traffic light (colors) : Poor in RED, Fair in YELLOW, Good in GREEN. Below an example in Excel



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Dear community,

Here is the feature request LINK for #Changing Colorset in Stacked Column Graph

Please watch and vote for it :blush:

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Thank’s and Congratulations to the Team for this great achievement :clap: :clap:

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This feature has been implemented and topic solved. If you have specific questions about this feature and believe this topic should be opened please send a message to moderators; otherwise, please create a new topic post.