Challenges with Filter Functions in on Mobile App Tracker Capture

We are having problems understanding how the filters are supposed to work on the App. Filtering for Events Date “Today” will not bring us events that occurred today. Filtering for “Overdue” events will include lists of events that are not overdue. Is there documentation that can provide guidance on how these filters are defining criteria? Similarly, is there documentation describing what the icons mean?

Thank you for reaching out @amlauer!

For the documentation you can always refer to where you will find several categories and resources based on the user role.

Please let me know if this is what you are looking for: New visual configurations - DHIS2 Documentation

Hi Gassim, thank you for getting back to me. I’m not finding any guidance in those documents regarding the filter on the mobile app (using an android). The problem is that if an Event is dated for Today, it does not appear when I filter for Events with Today’s date. Do you know what might be causing this issue?

Hi @amlauer! Thank you for your report.

I’ve been doing some testing in 2.4 and I was not able to replicate the issues with the filters. Which version of the apk and server are you using?
For “Today” in Events Date, the app should display the events, TEIs(based on their events) and data sets with current date.
The overdue is displayed when the event is not done by the schedule date.

HI @amlauer .

I am afraid that you might aslo be impacted by the bug reported here: which is currently under development and will fixed in the next version.

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