Challenges of maintaining organization hierarchy from the perspective of a global system

My name is Vlad Shioshvili. I work at ICF, and am a tech lead of the PEPFAR systems’ data exchange and interoperability group.

I have the privilege to present at the 2022 DHIS2 annual conference as part of the parallel session named “DHIS2 and Master Facility Lists/Registries” on Thursday 23 June, 10:30-11:15 CET (time is tentative).

Scott Russpatrick will be leading the session, and Nathan McEachen will also present on GeoPrism Registry.

Here is the brief summary of what will be covered in my presentation:

PEPFAR’s DATIM system is a system that collects indicator data from over 70 countries. HIV data is collected at facility, community and other sub-national unit levels. DATIM is not the source of truth for facility lists, requiring country teams to ensure site lists in DATIM are up to date. There are over 100 thousand sites in DATIM, and keeping them in sync with country MFLs is a challenge. At times countries undergo redistricting, requiring large scale site relocations. Occasionally sites are created by users by mistake, requiring deletion or merging. Data entered against such sites requires special attention, and PEPFAR team has developed a number of processes to manage sites and the data associated with them. In this presentation, our team will demonstrate the challenges, and how the team addresses them to ensure accurate recording of the data.


Several sessions for you @Vladimer_Shioshvili ! :+1:

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