Challenges installing DHIS2 App

I am also at the last stage the issues is highlighted in RED

Please i need help and technical support.

@vogbole Have you installed docker in your system? It is one of the prerequisites for running DHIS locally in a container. If you have installed docker already, make sure that docker is running.

You can follow the instructions provided at Prerequisites and initial setup | DHIS2 Developer Portal

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Hi @vogbole

d2 cluster up 2.37.0 --db-version 2.37 --seed

Please include --seed as part of d2 cluster, not as a separate command.

please refer to these links for stable or dev version of DHIS2.

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Yes its installed on my computer

@ Ruju

Thanks for your support i think have made some progress from your last advice.

Please what should I do from here?

@Raju, I got to this level but my page is not opening what do i do?

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@vogbole, you can enter admin as username and district as password to login and view your app.

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@ Rithvik many thanks for the support i tried the username and password but it didn’t work.

I noticed that my docker desktop is not running so tried to open it and this is an error message am getting

Please I need help.

are you trying to run Docker Desktop on VirtualBox or VMware? Run Docker Desktop for Windows in a VM or VDI environment | Docker Documentation

you could try if docker is installed properly and running docker command natively inside terminal/powershell and check if your conatiners are running.

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