Category Options Erroring Out to view in Event Reports for Non Super Users in 2.35.3

Basically I’m unable to view any Category Options (COs) in event reports if I’m not a super user. Looking through console, it appears the request is getting cancelled after 30 seconds

As a super User:

As a non-super user:

Curious what I can do to correct this. It seems like, perhaps because of the scale of the COs that we have in our system, the act of filtering out COs is what is delaying the view to the point where it takes longer than 30 seconds, and thus can’t complete at all in event reports.

@Matthew_Boddie are you still facing this issue?
I know this is since May but if you solved the issue feel free to share. If not, we could still find a solution!

I think if time doesn’t matter when you are a super user then it shouldn’t make a difference when you switch to another user unless the issue is with authorities, are you sure that the user you are switching to has the appropriate authorities/role to view this data?

@Gassim apologies for the late reply here. This is still an issue in 2.35.3, however no longer an issue with 2.36.4.

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Thanks for the reply! Either way those using version 2.35.3 should update to 2.35.5 according to the security announcement DHIS2 security patch release 2.34.4, 2.35.5 and 2.36.1 are now available so @Matthew_Boddie would you agree that the soultion for users is to update to 2.35.5? :smiley: Thank you!

I also see that you had created a jira bug issue for this: Log in - DHIS 2 JIRA! Since the update, I will mention you in the ‘bug hunters’ in the #copmonthly for November! Thanks! (:

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I’m not sure about 2.35.5 (or even 2.35.8), as I haven’t specifically tested this and it feels like its best brought out by our (entire) instance completely moved over to a particular version to test it. But it would be my suspicion that somewhere along the way this got fixed in 2.35 as well, obviously.

The Jira ticket you mentioned is related, for sure, but slightly distinct; In the Event Reports this fails, whereas in the capture app it just takes longer.

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@Matthew_Boddie I understand what you mean about testing in the instance itself, and this is why maybe it’s good to have a testing instance which is a copy of the production instance. I believe if you are still using 2.35.3 that an update is critical because of the security reasons.

Thanks for clarifying that to me, so I hope the performance improvements in the newer versions will solve the issue. I hope you’ll get the chance to test it again in the newer versions. (:

Please let me know if I can still help with anything. Thanks!

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