Category Dimension Missing in Pie Charts in Data Visualizer

I have created a JIRA ticket for this Log in with Atlassian account as this is reproducible in the demo instance

Once you select pie chart in the new data visualizer, the category dimension goes away leaving only the series and filter dimensions.

We are using ver 2.32.

Kindly help fix.



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Thank you for this @ifeanyiokoye. the team will have a look and work on this Jira ticket.

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Hi @ifeanyiokoye and thanks for your post.

Please see my message in the related Jira ticket:

Hi Dr. Ifeanyi Okoye

This behavior is actually by design. Pie charts can’t have both multiple series and category items and thus requiring both is not right.

Now, for pie and gauge charts, we only require a series dimension and everything else is a filter.

Your pie charts from older versions get upgraded so that:

  • the category dimension gets moved to series
  • everything else becomes a filter

NB: Please note that this does not affect the visual presentation of your existing pie charts, they will look the same and show the same data. We just make sure that the chart layout for pie and gauge charts is no longer misleading.


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Thank you Jan for the information. The reason I raised this was because we were getting this with all our previously created pie charts if you opened them in the new visualizer

Not sure why.

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