Category combination sharing - strange behavior

Hi, Every one,

I have created a category combination and assigned it to the dataset. When a user selects the category combination in the pivot table. He gets the message: Something went wrong! you have no access to *category combination ID. Public access is set to can edit and view. as in the image below.

Even after sharing the category combination with the user, he still gets the same error.

Is there anything wrong?

Thanks for any advice

Hi, does the user have access to (at least some) category options and categories in the category combination?

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Hi, @Olav,

Sorry but it is an attribute combination attached to the data set; not a category combination.

Both category options and category have public access set to can edit and view. There is only one category in the category combination. I thought by having public access set to can edit and view, there is no need to configure sharing. Am I right? What should I take into account?