Case Aggregation how does it work???

Hi all,

I want to believe that the case aggregation module is intended to aggregate (via count or sum operator) patient attributes into a data element.

if right then “any idea of how it works”? It appeas i am missing out a vital step.

Thanks guys



On Wed 31/03/10 12:11 PM , bharath kumar sent:


On Wed, Mar 31, 2010 at 4:32 PM, wrote:

Thanks Jas for the astute insight.

This is what i am trying to do…see the screens attached.

I have tried to use the patient management as shown below. These are my challenges

1.There are quite a number of option items on the form. I know DHIS2 has Yes/No but not custom listItem.
I am not sure i understood correct, but for PatientAttribute can be Number/Date/Text/Bool/Predifined.

Here Predefined means dropdownlist with user defined options, for ex:- Say Sex is attribute and Male,Female are options.

Similarly for DataElements also we can create Multi-Dimensional Text Dataelement with user defined options.

2.There are no action attached to yes or no. like i need to display some form fields/controls if i select yes or no. I know this

involves real programming.

May be this can be done using CustomScreenDesign with Javascript Methods

3.I need to aggregate the register into the summary form.

Whats your advise on these???


On Tue 30/03/10 7:26 PM , Jason Pickering sent:

Just a note of caution here. It is not so straightforward as a simple

count aggregation (although I have written a blueprint for a count

aggregator in the normal datamart operation as well). In some cases,

it may be a combination of a count and a sum. For instance, you may

have multiple patient level data elements that map into a single

aggregate level data element (consider TB ICD 10 codes for example

which might map into a single aggregate level data element of "Number

of TB cases").

I think they are working on it, and I will help Bharath with the

documentation as well, so hopefully we will have something quite


On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 7:50 PM, wrote:

Thanks! Great job Kumar! Is the AggregationEngine in 2.0.3 or the

2.0.4RC??? i need the count(DE) for aggregator operator. I am sure i

saw it somewhere but cant remember where. is it something you can

help figure out???



On Tue 30/03/10 5:57 PM , bharath kumar sent:

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 7:26 PM, wrote:

Dear Team,

I have the following concerns.

  1. I need to develop a custom data entry form from a register


patient detail like patient’s name, patient’s address, etc

At this moment there is no CustomDataEntryForm Design for Patient

Registration. You can design custom screen for


  1. I need dhis2 to aggregate these patients counts into a


form which will be aggregate up the hierarchy.

Very Basic AggregationEngine is developed but need lot more work

left. Will try to prepare some documentation with screenshots how


use aggregation engine, will send.

  1. Why don’t we have count in the list of the aggregation

operator. I have Sum, Average

  1. Can i use custom data entry page to create a register records?

I have tried the following

  1. Created the custom form using the data entry create form


Its not just realistic here. Foreach patient’s attributes i


have a data element and depending on the number of patients, it


be a multiple of the available attributes which will run into

millions of DE and its not just manageable. I know the the above


used to create summary forms.

  1. So i decided to use the patient’s management modules, EVEN

though i cannot achieve a custom layout as it appears on the form,


could use the additional attributes to create more patients


So then

  1. How do i do a count of the information on the register and get


appear in the cell of a custom data entry without the user

manually entering the values over a period.

For example on my register i have columns like 1. Name of

client,address of client,fever cases reported within 24hrs,RDT




On my summary form i need the following to be auto calculate

  1. The number of client registered
  1. Number reported for fever cases under five
  1. etc

I will appreciate any assistance asap.

Thank you.



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Bharath Kumar. Ch


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