Capture app

Hi All, in DHIS2 capture app, how can we do an action listener (event) when user do the data entry?
e.g: onClick, onChange, onLoad, …

Hi @viengthong

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There is an audit feature that could provide sufficient and reasonable audit info: Audit - DHIS2 Documentation

From your question, it seems you want to track user activity in the UI and not just auditing? I’m not sure the use case is clear. It would help a lot if you’d explain the actual use of the action listener because there might already be a feature for it such as when a user enters certain values it is possible to run a program rule…etc


Hi AL-Gassim,
what i need is when user enter some data value in the UI data entry screen, so the script will be check as what we want or when we create some button on the UI data entry screen then user can click on that to show Up something or to validate something

i need something like bellow (but it should works in the capture app):
dhis2.util.on(‘’, function (event, ds) {
console.log(‘The form with id: ’ + ds + ’ is loaded!’);