Capture App Vs Tracker-Capture App Grid Form

Hi, Community! I have a question. Do you know why with the Capture App with tracker program, when we introduce an event we don’t have a way to change the view form as we did in tracker-capture? I mean, we only have the default form and not the chance to change to a grid form as we have with Event Programs that we switch between to form view and row view (as in tracker-capture).

Thanks in advance.



Hi @Evelyn_Villegas

Thanks for your question. The Capture app is the newer version of the Tracker Capture app, and several features were updated based on feedback, continuous follow-up with implementations, to ensure it’s helpful for the use cases that the app is being used for. As you have noticed there are several differences between both apps; however, feedback on these changes is always welcome, helpful, and encouraged.

To ensure that I understand exactly what you mean, could you share a screen recording or a number of screenshots explaining the affect of these changes on when it comes to your use case?

Thank you!

Thanks for your feedback @Gassim. We are aware of teams working with tracker-capture that use the grid form to enter data in this way:

Instead the default form:

It’s just for that.

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Thanks for the screenshots. I think they’re using a custom form. When configuring the program stage, data entry form, select ‘custom form’ and then you can use HTML to create it.

Thank you for your quick response, @Gassim. I’m afraid that it is from the Child Programme in play (version 2.40), in tracker-capture not Capture App, using Grid form and not Default form:

This program don’t have any custom form associated.



Gotcha @Evelyn_Villegas! Thanks for pointing that out.

I’ll repost your feedback, about the ability to change between form views in the Tracker Capture vs Capture app, to the design team.

Would you like to share the challenges that you face when not using the grid form and how the grid form would solve these issues?

This feedback helps in the design processes.

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim. Well, I’m testing Capture App (comparatively with tracker-capture), and I know that many teams prefer to use the grid form when entering data into the application. I assume it’s like having a custom form without having to make it.

Thanks for your feedback!!!

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