Capture app option set issue after upgrade

Hi Everyone,
We have a DHIS2 implementation with type positive integer on the data elements and the same data elements use option set.
Version 2.6 of the android app renders the options as positive integer not the optionset (we expected a dropdown with the options). Are we the only people with such issues. The web system works fine (We use 2.35)

Sorry team,
I just noticed 2.35 is not supported by the new Android app (2.6) . But I wonder if the problem persist in supported versions

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Thank you for posting this to the community! You can test this out by connecting to one of the instances in:
username: android
password: Android123

Would you share steps to reproduce this? Is this on Tracker or Aggregate? What type of Mobile Render did you choose?


Hi @samuel

There is an issue with option sets in value types different from text. You can follow the ticket here