Capture App loading Issue

Hello @dhis2-backend @dhis2-analytics @dhis2-platform @dhis2-projects @dhis2-test-qa

We require your help over this.

When I am clicking on the Capture app, it throws the below error:-

The application could not be loaded. Please see log for details.

Also, I have checked logs but didn’t found any indicating errors.

Affected Version:- 2.33.7, 2.34.3
OS Details:-
NAME=“Amazon Linux”
ID_LIKE=“centos rhel fedora”

I am using 2.33.7 and is working perfectly.

Thank you @asacur
I’m having issue, can you share your configuration of server.xml and
Also tomcat version.

@Karoline After following manual for creating ticket, but still not getting reply.

Can you please look into this.

Thank you

export JAVA_OPTS="-Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -server -Xms512m -Xmx1536m -XX:PermSize=256m -XX:MaxPermSize=768m -Duser.timezone=Africa/Maputo"

export DHIS2_HOME='/home/dhis/config'

Thank you @asacur ,
Configuration looks same.
I don’t know why we are facing issue.

Anyone can please help with reference to this.

Try to upload again the war.


Sorry you are facing this issue.

Have you checked the server logs as well?

Usually this error shows up when there are some invalid metadata in the schema. So for example a program indicator with an empty expression etc. Can you run an integrity check in Data Administration and try to fix any faulty metadata?

Also tagging @Joakim @christos for support.

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Hi @coolsinghbro,

As @Karoline said, probably some metadata integrity error (and the integrity check is definitely worth a try). Could you post the log from the browser console? There might be a hint to what is wrong in there (Press Command+Option+J (Mac) or Control+Shift+J(Windows, Linux, Chrome OS) and then select the Console tab at the top if it is not already selected).

A couple of problems we’ve seen recently that could be the cause of this: 1) A data element is still present in a section, but is removed form the program stage itself. 2) A program indicator / program rule has an empty expression (as Karoline mentioned).

But if you could post the console log that would be great.

Best regards


Hii @Karoline @Joakim

I have checked, data integrity and console tab. I think it’s issue with data integrity.
Can you please check.

Please Find attachments for the Console tab and data integrity.

Hello @Joakim ,

Can you please look over this ongoing issue?

Thank you

Sorry for the late reply @coolsinghbro.

It seems to me that one of your relationshipTypes are missing either the fromConstraint or the toConstraint property. Could you investigate this? (using the maintenance app, the api or the database itself). Every relationshipType should have both a fromConstraint and a toConstraint.

@Joakim Can you help how can be this checked from the database and also how this issue would be addressed?

Thank you


Using the database, I would check that all the records in the relationshiptype table have their from_relationshipconstraintId and to_relationshipconstraintid set (and that those exist in the relationshipconstraint table).

If you don’t have too many relationship types, maybe it’s easier to click through them in the maintenance app though (open the maintenance app and navigate to the relationship type management and click through the entries until one of them gives you errors or are missing either the from constraint or the to constraint).

When you find the relationship type(s) with missing constraints, I would open them in the maintenance app and set the correct from- and to constraints.

If you can’t figure it out and you’re willing to share your relationship metadata, we can try to export the metadata for me (or someone else here) to have a look.

Let me know how it goes.

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