Capture app - in-app/off-line analytics: Line listing?

Thanks for adding these analytics for “aggregate” to the Capture app.

What options are available for Event/Tracker Program analytics in the Capture App? Are there plans to include the new Line Listing report in the off-line analytics?

Our use case is managing biomedical equipment (such as cold chain refrigerators/freezer) with a complete service record in a Tracker Program but we would reduce the number of columns to the minimum requirements for use on mobile devices.

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Hi George. It would be good to understand a bit more what functionality would be useful for this use case. The new line listing app is what we are building on for analytics, and there are a lot of new things on the way. Within the Capture App itself we are expanding the capabilities of working lists, which will allow the user to create lists, assign events, run program rules, enter data directly, etc. I am thinking the working lists might fit your need, but would be happy to discuss more. @Marta can comment more on the roadmap for offline analytics related to line listing.

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Dear Mike

Thanks a lot. I will follow the advice from Markus during his presentation to describe the use case and not a (possible) solution. I will include detailed requirements for the eStock card (electronic stock card) in the Business requirements for the real-time stock management mode. It’s more complicated than “just” adding Line Listings to the in-app off-line analytics because the amount of lines need to be limited through a time period filter.
In the meantime, I will tweak the existing Line Listing capabilities to see how far I can approximate what we are looking for.