Cant see my uploaded json data in the web interface



I just uploaded some data values via the API

  "dataSet": "aX3LK4b6sie",
  "period": "2022W31",
  "orgUnit": "T9hmJQMHLPQ",
  "dataValues": [
      "period": "2022W31",                  ## 1-7 Aug 2022
      "dataElement": "rBsPKEz7QG6",         ## Monkeypox
      "categoryOptionCombo": "UwIW7qHJ2N3", 
      "orgUnit": "T9hmJQMHLPQ",             ## lvl 4
      "value": "999999", 
      "storedBy": "test"

which returns:

 'status': 'SUCCESS',
 'description': 'Import process completed successfully',
 'importCount': {'imported': 0, 'updated': 1, 'ignored': 0, 'deleted': 0},

And I verified that the data is correctly uploaded: I’m able to redownload it via the api.

However when I go to the data visualizer, it’s not there, this datalement has 0 in august for the whole country.

Any thoughts what I should check? Or what could be wrong?

Many thanks!

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Hi @Mat, welcome to the dhis2 community :tada:

Please did you try to clear the browser cache using the Browser Cache Cleaner app? To make sure it’s not a cache issue please test again using your browser’s Guest mode.


@Mat ,

Did you run the analytics job after importing the data? Only after the analytics is run, the change will be reflected in the data visualizer app.




I don’t think I did that.
Could you explain where I can find this?

Yes I cleared it multiple times just in case.
But that didn’t change.

@Mat ,
There are two ways to do this. One way is via Data Administration app.

  • Open the Data Administration app and click Analytics Tables
  • Click Start export.

Other way is scheduling a job via Scheduler app

You can follow the steps in the documentation to create a job



This worked
Thank you!

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