Can't find Event Programs in Import/Export-->Event Export on Play

Hi All,

I seem to not be able to find any event programs on any play versions (2.38-v41) within import/export–>event Export, yet on my sandbox instance of v40.3.2, I’m able to select them as normal. Is there some user roles going on here that is preventing this, or am I missing something else?

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May I first ask why this is on Mobile . I want to check the issue out in the instances but wondering if you’re using the android Capture app in the process?

Sorry @Gassim saw the green color and assumed support! my bad. Changed it.

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Alright, thanks for the clarification.

So I see the same thing on play:

When clicking on Events export, it is requesting only the “with registration type”

Are you sure that your instance is sending the same API request? Could you please double check using your browser’s Guest mode so we’re sure it’s not a caching issue?

I don’t understand why the API is forcing that filter. I need to ask. Thanks!

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just checked again and now see a different url in play 40.3.2:


this indeed does pull all programs (event and tracker). this mimics the request on our sandbox server.

However if I go to nightly 2.39 version, I see your request:


Nightly 40,41, stable 2.38.7 has “with registration”
stable 40.3.2 and 2.39.5 don’t have it.

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I am having the same issue. I can’t seem to use the event visualizer or look at event reports. I’m doing the D005 course, module 4 and this isnt working for me. I cant do the activities - Login | hisp

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Hi apologies for the inconveniences here. We (the developer team) will look at this and get back to you.


@HILKKA : can you please contact the Technical support team via the (click on “Technical Support” in the bottom-right of the page)? I believe that the version of DHIS2 that the course is using should not be affected by the bug that is discussed on this thread, but they can look at the problem in more detail.

@Matthew_Boddie : in v41, a new version of the app (101.1.7) is now installable via App Management app. For v40 and v39, the fix will be included in an upcoming patch. Thanks for the report and sorry again for the inconvenience.

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Thanks! To be clear, I wasn’t actually seeing this on my instance of 40.3.2, so perhaps some new additions that hadn’t yet made it into the stable versions were the cause.