Can't Delete Category Option Group

Why I can’t some Category Option Group Items, Category Option Group Set and Organisation unit group set

Hi @Waleed.AlHasan, can you please share more details about this issue - how are you trying to delete these metadata items? What error message do you receive?

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Category option group test

when i tried to delete this Category option group

the message " could not execute statement" shown

and the same issue with some “Category option group set” items

I think that issue happens after i do some steps in Data-Administration->Maintenance
or Data-Administration->Analytics tables

Hi @austin I am experiencing this exact issue as well in 2.29. We noted that for existing category options where the category option combination maintenance step has been run, we are facing the ‘could not execute statement’ error.

If we simply add a new category option and them immediately try to delete it, we are able to no problem. So I also have the same suspicion that this blocker is related to the Data Administration step.

Do you have any insght on this?

Hi @Waleed.AlHasan and @Sameen_Babur - I’ve moved this issue to the Support category as it is not related to DHIS2 development.

DHIS 2.29 is not a supported version (we officially support 3 released versions, currently 2.32 and above), so I would recommend upgrading if possible. That being said, if the problem persists in later versions and is blocking your progress please open a JIRA issue and the backend development team can help to investigate!

cc @Karoline @Stian @Lars @phil