Can't access

I used to have access to
I’m one of the maintainer of dhis2-taskr : DHIS2 App Hub

The login with google seem fine but then I’m redirected to DHIS2 App Hub
And this error is displayed :
AppHubAPI.js:59 GET 500 (Internal Server Error)

@austin Can you help me again ?

@stephan_mestach sorry you’re having trouble accessing your app, we have flagged this issue and are looking into it now. The team will get back to you ASAP with updates!

Seems like you haven’t logged in with that google-account before? There’s an issue if you log in with an email that is registered as a contact email for an app, but haven’t actually logged in with it. We’re working on a permanent fix for this.

Anyways, I’ve manually linked your google account with the registered user, so it should work now. Please log out and then log in again.

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To others that might encounter this issue. or any other issue with log in or app-permissions: please contact me so I can fix it for you. Unfortunately this has to be fixed per user until a permanent fix is available.

Thanks. I’ve logged in with the same google account since the beginning.

Our google account 4 years ago it was and then we moved to but I don’t think this account is that old, taskr is +/- 2 years old and perhaps less in the hub.