Cannot use data entry for organizational units (Fundamentals course)


I am undergoing the Fundamental Course and had one issue. Currently I am going through Module 4 where the task is to use the Data Entry application for the Data Sets I previously made.

When I have selected the organizational units, no data set is coming up on data entry - as seen in photo 1), and as you can see I have also selected all of the organizational units wanted. Lastly, cleared the cache in case this had been preventing the data set from being accessible (unable to show three screenshots as am a new user, you will have to trust me).

I spoke with our team’s DHIS2 lead, and he could not find any issue with the set-up I had made. Any advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks,

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Hi Dave,

Great progress you’ve made there!

If it’s a dev. or a demo server, we can have a quick skype call and I will gladly check it out with you to try and identify what/ where the issue might be.

Add me on skype → james.omutsani and let’s plan on closing this ticket.


Hi James,

That sounds great, thank you! I will send over a Skype message now.


For DHIS2 Fundamentals course technical support please send an email to:

Hi David!

I think I just responded to you per support email for the Fundamentals course.

Long story short for anyone else who is reading this: The reason the data set doesn’t appear in Data Entry app is due to access rights. In more up to date version of DHIS2 the creator of a data set can use sharing settings to give themselves access to capture and view data.

For this course we use an older version of DHIS2 where, in order to make sure only the current learner can access their own data set, we have to create these data sets for them and assign them access as their account in DHIS2 Customization instance is created.

This means that any data set created by their user will not actually give them access to data. and students do not have access to the User app for this course as that could easily affect the work of other students.

So the solution here is to edit the data set already existing in the system and having the name based on the email address of the student. Once assigned organisation units and data elements, they should be accessible in data entry as normal.

Hope this helps!

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