Cannot register new clients in android app in malaria tracker program (play 40)

I am trying to use the Android Capture for the tracker program. So. I downloaded the Android capture app and logged in to the domain. And I opened the malaria focus tracker program. Then I can see the list of entities. But, I cannot register new entities. Could anyone pleas guide me how to register new client?

Hello @Kyawmoewai_Ngp. You will need to make sure your user has the proper permissions to add TEIs, if that’s the case, you should also note that Android imposes a serarch before adding a TEI, this is in order to avoid duplicates due to the offline nature of Android (the search will be performed locallyl and on server side if the device has connectivity).

Please, check both and let us know.

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I use the dhis2 capture app(version 2.8.2). And logged in with admin user in DHIS 2 Demo - Sierra Leone domain. when I open the tracker programs i can’t find any button to register new clients.

Please, search for a TEI frist, and a (+) button should appear in the bottom right corner.


I found it now, thank you so much for your answer.