Cannot open Capture App

Hi, Community!

In dhis2 instance (v40.3) with a huge amount of metadata, superusers cannot open Capture. We think that is an issue related with the amount of metadata. Do you know if more people is facing the same problem?



Hi @Evelyn.Villegas

Are you referring to the android Capture app or the web Capture app?

If you are referring to the android Capture app, can you check that the settings are configured properly in the web Android Settings app?

Additionally, it will be helpful if you could provide more info especially if there are logs.


Hi, @Gassim. Thank you for your feedback. You are so right I did not specify this. I’m referring to the web Capture app.
Basically due to the amount of metadata requests the server gives a connection error.


Hi @Evelyn.Villegas

The web Capture app seems to be downloading 77.8 MB… maybe this is the reason why it is breaking. Could we get the log from the Catalina.out (without sensitive/authentication info)?


Hi @Gassim . After further investigation, it looks like there is an issue related with “bad configuration” and “unexpected API return”. Let me explain them

Bad configuration: In that dhis2 instance, there were programStageSection with dataElements. The problem is that the sortOrder of that DE is wrong (for instance, there is only one DE in that programStage section and the sortOrder is 4, instead of 1).

Unexpected return: The API returns null values in that case, that leads Capture app to not load properly.


A new jira ticket has been created in order to follow up that issue: [DHIS2-17342] - Jira

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Hi @ctejo

Thank you for reporting this! I’m glad that you have found the solution or a work around. It’d be great if we could figure out what makes these DE have an incorrect sort order.

Hi @Gassim,

The bad configuration is probably coming from some outdated configuration that never conflicted in the upgrades of dhis2.


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