Cannot load org units in data quality module

Dear All,
I use DHIS2 Version 2.32.6 Build version f8007bc , I have attached a screenshot of the issue I am experiencing. After opening the data quality app I am unable to load the org units for which I would like to run different data quality analysis modules ( Min-max , Std Dev outlier analysis and validation rules). There is only one level 5 org unit that is displayed in the parent organization unit section. Any ideas how this can be resolved?

I am having a similar issue in ver. 2.35.3, although the only Org Unit appearing for me is a level 1 org unit. Were you able to resolve this?

@Moeti Welcome to the community! Please are you still facing this issue or have you solved it? Thank you for sharing with the community!

@Moeti & @LauraLincks are you sure you have the required user role/authorities to view the OUs? If you are assigned a certain level of OUs you will not be able to see the OUs which you are not assigned, so please see … and if you are still facing the issue, I will ask for further support.