Cannot install immunization Registry tool

trying to install the routine immunization registry tool on dhis2 server, following the guideline i do perform the dry run i get some Errors but i cannot click on them or do anything.

. so i proceed to importing the tool in order to be able to correct the errors once the tool is installed … I use import/export app then import metadata … once i click “start import” it says “job started” but nothing changes

and i cannot find the tool when i look into maintenance app – programs
what exactly am doing wrong?

am importing the .jason file shown below

@Haliz.t ,

There may be some conflicts because of which the import is not successful. If you scroll down to the bottom of the panel where you see the Job summary, you will get the details why the import failed.


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Hi @Haliz.t !

As @rithvik pointed out, please check the job summary. When importing metadata please select “debug” as import report mode. If you cannot resolve the issues summarised there, feel free to share them here, so I can help you with configuring the metadata.json file.

Kind regards,

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Hello @YuryR @rithvik
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to me
I am running DHIS2 version 2.38.0 over a server
i performed the import/export meatdata process again according to your suggestions and i have looked at the load of messages in the “job summary” as shown below but when i go to for example indicator or translation its EMPTY i cannot find anything to resolve .(basically nothing is imported for real)… so what to do???


This is helpful.

As you might see, there is a placeholder in the metadata json file you are trying to import:


Please check the installation guide for this package!

You need to open the json file in the text editor (not ms word). I recommend Visual Studio Code.

Then replace the placeholder with the UID of the level 1 Organisation Unit in the target system and save the json file. Use search and replace functionality .

Try importing the file again.