Cannot find trackedEntityInstance

Hi all. When I download tracked events for my Tracker Capture program via the API, I have at least one trackedEntityInstance value that is not found when I download all trackedEntityInstances, having includedDeleted = true. What am I not understanding? The event.trackedEntityInstance is the id I should find in my list of trackedEntityInstances, correct? The API calls I am using are:





Help appreciated.

A correction, and a little more info. correction: &includeDeleted = true, not the semicolon. Also, we are using v2.36.7 of DHIS2. Do I need to use the “new Tracker” API calls?
Thank you in advance.

Aha! Found out that one needs to use “skipPaging=true” instead of “paging=false” in the call to retrieve trackedEntityInstances. It wasn’t obvious to me because I wasn’t getting page fields in my result set (that I recall at least). I am now getting all my tracked Entity instances, yay!

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