Cannot edit data in Android Capture app

I set up a DHIS2 2.36 server instance for development purposes, configured a data set and organization units, and was successfully able to enter data using the web app.

However when I log in to the same instance from the DHIS2 Capture mobile app (v2.4), the forms are presented in read-only mode and I am unable to enter or edit data.

Is there a configuration I am missing to allow for editing of data from the Android app?


Welcome and thank you for posting to the community @dsurrao!

@nancyesp @jaime.bosque would you check this out? Thank you!

I found the issue. Under User role management, I had to check “Add/Update Public” and “Delete” for the “Data Value” metadata setting.

Editing from the Android app now works.



Thank you so much for sharing @dsurrao! :smiley: Glad you did it!