Can we install dhis2 without using dns name

Can we install dhis2 without using dns name

Hi @Swapna_Chatla

It is not clear to me what you are trying to achieve. If you want to have an instance of DHIS2 and accessing it without a domain name (which I am assuming is what you mean by DNS), let’s say by IP address it is possible. However this might complicate your set up as achieving a secure connection between the clients and the server (via HTTPS -which is the recommended set up) will be harder to achieve. You coud still do it, either by having a public IP or by controlling the certificates on your clients (possible if you are under an Active Directory -or LDAP-). The later sounds even less likely as probably you would also control the DNS server and so, you could include a hostname in your DNS table which could simplify things.

But why would you do that? You could always get a domain name from a free provider if that’s your problem. And HTTPS certificates can also be obtained for free with some services like Letsencrypt.

Please, explain further so we can advise better :slight_smile:

Yeah, ok. My problem is that I got creating dhis2 server as a task. In file for accessing website we use domain name. For using domain name we need to buy. Now there is no free domains. I tried to complete the task but I’m I was unable to complete the task. Before I did Moodle website for that also we need domain name but in the place of domain name we can use “localhost” by using this I completed the task. Here also I tried by using that but I didn’t get. Can you tell me the correct method

Hi, @Swapna_Chatla .

If you are creating this as an exercise example you can simply use the IP and you should be able to access the server with that IP. By your description (with the Moodle example) I am assuming you want only to create this locally so there should be no problem in accessing it via local IP (in case you are installing in another server on the network -or a virtual machine-) or by localhost. If you follow the system administrator guide you should be able to do this: System Administration Guide - DHIS2 Documentation

In any case there are free domain name providers (of course, they will include their subdomain) like . But for this you need a public IP (or admin rights on the network to create the specific forwards) which I am not sure it is what you want.

I followed these steps but in browser I didn’t get the web page can you provide any suggested video of this

I am sorry but I cannot help by providing a video with this. Please explain what issue or where are you getting stuck and me (or someome from the community) will try to provide help.

Ok. Thank you