Can’t Login after restoring sample database

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Hello, I have installed POSTGRESQL on my Windows machine and am trying to work with the Sierra Leone sample database. I downloaded and GUNZipped it and used the psql command to create a database called sierra. I changed the database name to sierra in the dhis.conf file and opened the CMD window and typed
psql -d sierra --username=dhis
But when I go to localhost:8080/dhis I get a 404 error.
Can you tell me what else i need to do please?

Can't Login after restoring sample database
(Markus Bekken) #2

Hi @clairebre!
I assume you are running apace tomcat or another web server, and you are hosting the DHIS2 war on the address you mentioned?

You didn’t explicitly mention importing the Sierra Leone database in your steps above, but I assume you did that right after the step of creating the database? There is one step that needs to be done in the process between creating and importing the data:

  1. Create database
  2. Run the SQL command “CREATE EXTENSION POSTGIS;” on the empty database.
  3. Import the database

Best regards,

(Claire Brereton) #3

Hi Markus no I didn’t do that. I could not find any instructions other than this on the page

The PostgreSQL file must be gunzipped and can be imported through pgAdmin restore function or with ** psql
-d dbname -U username -f dhis2-db-sierra-leone.sql**.

I created a database called sierra using pgadmin then I tried the pgadmin restore function but I couldn’t get it to work.

Then I opened a CMD window, switched to the postgresql bin directory and used the psql command with dbname sierra and username dhis.

I watched it load and complete. I had figured out earlier how to make it stop after the first error

Looking at the thread you answered, I ran the command psql -d sierra --username=dhis and now have sierra-# in my command window.

When you say ‘Run the SQL command “CREATE EXTENSION POSTGIS;” on the empty database’ how do you do that? I have figured out quite a lot but this is a new language.

Thanks again and apologies for the very basic questions,


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And Markus, to answer your question,

Yes I am running Apache Tomcat. I followed these instructions to set up dhis2

which works up to version 2.29. After that you need the postgis extension which I have now also downloaded. There are a couple of omissions in the instructions which I sorted out with Julhas Sujan.


(Bob Jolliffe) #5

Hi Claire

It sounds like if you had this working already on 2.29 you are really very close to having it work with 2.30.

As Markus says, you probably have to create the postgis extension within the database. This terminology is a bit weird to be honest. I see you have downloaded the extension but you may still need to enable it within the particular database. That is what “create extension” actually does.

Seeing as how I can see you are able to run the psql command, I suggest you run it like this:

psql -d sierra --username=postgres -c ‘CREATE EXTENSION postgis’

(I am assuming above you have a database superuser called postgres)

(Claire Brereton) #7

OK! Use dhis has these privileges too so I tried but could not run this command and got the following error.
c:\Program Files\PostgreSQL\11\bin>psql -d sierra --username=dhis -c ‘CREATE EXTENSION postgis’
psql: warning: extra command-line argument “EXTENSION” ignored
psql: warning: extra command-line argument “postgis’” ignored
Password for user dhis:
ERROR: unterminated quoted string at or near “'CREATE”
Maybe it should have been " around the command not ’ (from trying a few things afterwards).
HOWEVER I was able to add the extension in pgadmin4.
I then used the psql command to restore the sierra database. That seems to have worked OK.
I guess that I have to change the dhis.conf file to point to the sierra database which I have done
connection.url = jdbc:postgresql:sierra ?
But when I do this I get a 404 error.
Can you help me with this please?
THANKS, Claire

(Bob Jolliffe) #8

Hi Claire

Sorry about the psql error. I am used to working on linux. I just tried on windoze and I do see that it objects to the single quote. Works with “” but you seem to have worked around the issue fine.

The 404 probably means the war file failed to load. Its hard to guess why that might be without looking at the log. If you want to send me a copy to I will have a look. The log file should be called catalina.out. It can be quite big. You can delete it and then restart so it only carries limited data. Also it should zip well.