Can see list of enrolled /registered entities and could not generate line list in event report!

Dear members,
Let me thank those who have already given their thoughts and time. I apologize in advance if my questions are because of my low level of experience. I made video to show everything (last 2 minutes of this video show my issues !

@drvetmedtariqabbas You forgot to export analytic tables via Data Administration App → Analytic TablesStart Export

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  1. As Fred mentioned, you need to Export Analytics tables in order to see the data in event reports / visualizations.
    Remember to clean cache.

  2. Also, I see that your orgUnit structure has only one facility at Level 3.
    You need to create level 2 and level 1 facilities as well in order to access aggregated data at those levels.

  3. You enrolI your TEI (cow) in the program. This enrollment will most likely be “life-long” (for that particular cow) The “Milk” events will probably be repeatable, which means the you do not need to “COMPLETE” enrolments. Once you registered data in a program stage, Complete the event.
    This way, you will also see the list of the enrolled cows in your working lists, when you select the orgUnit in tracker capture.

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