Can not create section form in tracker capture

I would like to create a section form in program tacker it does not work. how can solve this issue?
as well as i want to create 3 forms inside each other how can i do so?

Would you please add more details to why it is not working? A screenshot might be helpful too.

I don’t think it’s possible to create 3 forms inside each other, but it’s possible to create several section forms; however, you can create custom forms which override the section forms

It would be helpful to add more details to your post! BTW, what is the dhis2 version of the instance you are using?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

I woked with paly DHIS2, here is the screenshot, if you see I have added sections A and B but in from I do not have any section it shows as defule. can I create a form that has a repeatable section?

Hi @Habiba_Atify

What dhis2 version is this?

The section form in attributes does not work, its a bug, I found a jira on this: Jira-8324

I will check out if you can add a repetable section and come back to you.

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@Habiba_Atify , in addition to what @Caroline said, I think you will be able to see the registration forms sections in the Capture app (but not in the Tracker Capture app) so please check if you can see them in the Capture app. :+1:

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Thank you, why the section does not appear in the tracker capture app, and also i could not find the way to rapted the section in stage, i am using DHIS2 2.36

@Habiba_Atify, in the Jira issue @Caroline shared above, @Markus made a comment:

Sections was never supported in the old Tracker Capture app, but in the new Capture app they are supported. We had not made plans to implement section forms in old Tracker Capture, as we are trying to focus most our development efforts on the Capture app. In Capture, sections looks like this:

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Thank you, What about the repetition of a section, can we do so?

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Hi @Habiba_Atify

Sorry, repetable section is not possible. But you can make severeal attributes/data elements like: attribute 1, attribute 2. And set the same formname to make several sections. It will look like repetable sections.


Thank you for the reply, I do not how many times the user wants to repeat the section so I can not do it pre-define I want as user wants they can repeat the sections.

@Habiba_Atify wouldn’t it be possible to make repeatable stages instead as they might serve the same purpose? Otherwise, would you please explain the purpose of the repeatable sections vs repeatable stages?

Thank you!

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Yes, each user will have a new enrolment, but the issue is that I want to limit the data base to users rather than organization units.

Sorry @Habiba_Atify it’s not clear how. Could you give us an example to illustrate the use case and maybe a screenshot of how it would look like?

Thank you!