Can I upload an updated User Profile app to the App Hub

I want to make some changes to the user profile app. I will like to ask if it is possible to update my app to my my instance and have it override the existing user profile app. Such that the content will reflect in all the other apps where user profile feature in the menu.

Hi @jetisco4u

Do you mean the user profile page, which is located on this URL?

The user profile app itself

Hi @jetisco4u

As this is not a default request we’ll need to do some investigation on our side. However, in order to help you out I’d like to know, what changes did you make to the app, and what is your use case.

We’ll get to you as soon as we know more ourselves, and maybe someone from the community who’s done this before can chime in too!

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I want to remove the About DHIS2 link as it opens a page that contain some details we would not want to expose.