Can I run an instance of Java, Node.js, PostgreSQL in a docker container with this server specs

we have a virtual server with the following specs:

Processor:  E3-1230 3.2GHz
RAM: 16 GB
Bandwidth: Unmetered
Network: 100Mbit
Storage: 1.5TB
OS: CentOS 6.6 64-bit cPanel (linux64)

I want to find out if I can run an instance of DHIS2 that run on Java and PostgreSQL with Node.js in a docker container in this server.

I will need to install node, npm and a proxy server OR a gateway server. In addition is PostgreSQL database version 13 or later with PostGIS database extension version 2.2 or later.

Software requirement for the Java backend:

An operating system for which a Java JDK version 11 exists.
Tomcat servlet container version 8.5.50 or later, or other Servlet API 3.1 compliant servlet containers.
Cluster setup only (optional): Redis data store version 4 or later.

I also want to find out if the Redis data store is necessary

You should not be running CentOS 6; it has not received any updates, including security updates, since November 2020. I would strongly recommend either a rebuilt VM with CentOS 7 or a new VM with CentOS 7 if you must stay with CentOS. But, bear in mind that CentOS 7 will only have security updates through June 2024.

If you must stay with a Red Hat-like operating system, I would advise you look at Rocky Linux or AlmaLinux. Or, if you can choose any relatively popular version of Linux, you will have the best compatibility with DHIS2 documentation by using Ubuntu 20.04, which will receive security updates through 2030. Rocky Linux 8, AlmaLinux 8, and Ubuntu 20.04 provides packages for both Java 8 and Java 11 (Rocky/Alma 9 and Ubuntu 22.04 might too, but I have not used them to verify).

If you can change the operating system and want a simple recommendation, go with Ubuntu 20.04.

Edit: I re-read the subject mentioning running in containers and removed some of my advice because you wouldn’t be installing packages on the operating system if using containers.

Broadly speaking, you will struggle getting containers to run in CentOS 6 because it is so old. I think you’ll need to upgrade to a newer operating system to get anything effective done.

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Thanks for the reply. We are looking into the best solution including upgrading the server.

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