Can I hide Visualization in a shared dashboard for a user restricted by OU access?

I have a dashboard created for a user group in a district. In the dashboard, the user can only see the visualization item created for the OU they are given access to.

Now the issue is when they open the dashboard, they still see all the visualization items with an error message except their own which normally is opened because they have access. Is it possible that the dashboard will not display at all the visualization items they do not have view access to?

I want them to only see the item they have access to by virtue of their OU access.

Open your visualisation and provide access to the certain users group, disable public access


Did this already. All user access is set at No access. When the unauthorized user visit the dashboard, they can still see the skeleton of the visualizations they don’t have access to even though they can’t access the data. I am asking if it is possible for them to only see the visualization their group has access to and all others are hidden.

@jetisco4u it seems you are doing something wrong. Of course you can do this. Could you please share what you have?