Can I disable or change text of About DHIS2 in User Profile App

Can I disable or change text of About DHIS2 in User Profile App. I think the link is best for the administrator. Or better still the name should match with the applicationTitle. Is there anywhere to set it to reflect in all the apps that install the core apps?

I was able to change it in my app but the value will not persist for other apps because they use the imported header bar.

Hi @jetisco4u,

I’m not sure an app can make a global change like that; however, maybe the server administrator could assign a redirect rule for that page?

If it’s possible to run a global Javascript then it might be possible to use an if condition if (div.textcontent.match('About DHIS2')) then change the style to display: none

Thanks I will explore it.

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@Gassim a second look at this suggestion will mean that the changes will be applied at the backend Java code right?

Hi @jetisco4u

I don’t think the suggestions will lead to anywhere close to affecting the source code in the backend.

The network option will use a firewall redirect and the javascript will only affect the frontend but the down side that it could still be accessed using the URL or by manipulating the HTML code again.

If you really don’t want anyone to access that page then I think the best solution is a redirect for that URL.

Ok the link is actually baked into most of the core apps. Which means I will have to redirect for a few of them that is for public access. Currently for the custom app I built, I changed the reference from the node_module. If I download the source code for any of the core apps and reupload it after changing the reference will it work if I put core in the app type in d2config file?

You mean this link “/dhis-web-user-profile/#/aboutPage” right? I actually can’t see it in most of the core apps. Only in the profile menu, account and system settings.

I’m not sure! But if I got you right, I’d say it’s easier to use a server redirect for this one page “/dhis-web-user-profile/#/aboutPage” rather than go through the process of rebuilding every app.

You are right about the page. Any idea where I can set the redirect or possibly disable the menu item from the profile app from the server?

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@Gassim I have a suggestion for this issue.

If you check the url of the page it is /dhis-web-user-profile/#/aboutPage

But the text Label is About DHIS2

Then when you open the page the page title is System Info

Since this profile menu is embedded in all app pages that serve different need, I think it is better to change the text label in @dhis2-ui\header-bar\build\es\profile\profile-menu.js and @dhis2-ui\header-bar\build\cjs\profile\profile-menu.js from About DHIS2 to System Info to reflect the page title or still About Page.

Currently I am manually changing the label in the header-bar node-module package of each app I built. But then all the core app still show About DHIS2 so the experience is not consistent.

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