Can i ask a question about COVID-19 package

Hi guys, I am the fresher of dhis2, and I deploy this system by the guidance of When I deploy my own war package, I find a problem and cannot figure out how to deal with it, could anyone help me if you met this problem before. The error is :

Hello @BoHou

I have never used this, but let’s give a try to sort this out. So you are getting the error somewhere from this area of dhis2-deploy-war script. (like the below image)

  1. Shall we check whether you have already dhis.war file under /tmp?
  2. Did you get “Deploying new war file” message?
  3. Can you add a line set -x in the beginning of the script so that your script will do more debug kind of output while running.

Based on that you can see where exactly your script throw that error


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Thx Jins:
I checked my server, and the /tmp/dhis.war has existed, and i did not get the message “Deploying new war file”. I use the set -x command but get this result, maybe i just use se -x not correctly.

thx again Jins, i have fixed this problem, thanks for your thoughtful idea and sloution.

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