Can I analise my database in my phone the same perspetive such a computer?

Hi, everyone

I am learning DHIS2 a less one week, and I am dout. Is possible seeing the same information in computer like a telephone

Yes it’s possible, just try to login on browser, go to browser option and click in computer view to expand you creen and enjoy. But the resolution can’t be good becouse short resolution of phones screen, but can try to change orientation from vertical to horizontal to maximize you screen.
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Welcome to the community @Cruz ! I see that you have shared that you are taking the DHIS2 fundamentals courses. As you complete the first four self-paced courses you will learn a lot more.

I like @IErnesto’s direct answer, and I would like to add that you will learn how to use the Android DHIS2 Capture app. Have you tried it yet? You can download it from the Google Play store.

There you can have a full mobile experience.