Can DHIS2 be used to collect data on an hourly basis

I would like to know whether DHIS2 can be configured or tweaked to collect data on an hourly basis even with existing features


As far as I know, that is not possible.

But I would like to know the reason why the minimun period type of a dataset is a Daily one. Could someone answer me?

And, also I would like to know what happens if we collect 24 times (hourly) within a daily data set period. What are the drawbacks of this?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @cwaweruw (welcome to the community)

@kfeina thank you for the very interesting question. I think we have the minimum period type to be daily for reporting because when reporting the period will at minimum be on a daily basis but I’m not sure why. I agree it would be interesting to know why!

One of the drawbacks I can think of now is that when you use analytics all the hours in a day will sum up to one day. For instance, you’d have the pivot table (and all analytics tools) display by day not by hour.

Will ask further about this! Thanks! (:

Hi @kfeina @cwaweruw

I wonder if you might be able to give us any specific use case for entering aggregated data on an hourly basis?

Typically, if we need to collect data that is not time bound, we would be looking at using the event or tracker data model.


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Hi @kfeina ,
The period types in both data entry and analytics have a lower boundary of “Daily”, so no, it is not currently possible to collect aggregate data as hourly data. The alternative would be to collect the data as events as @Shurajit_Dutta points out.

Are you importing this data from some sort of device or something which generates the data on an hourly basis?


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Yes, as @Shurajit_Dutta pointed out, it is better to get this data as events.

I missunderstood basic concepts that after some learning I can understand them better.

Thanks a lot for your answers.


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