Call to share knowledge by the community members

Hi DHIS community,

I have question regarding issue described here Downloading DHIS2 Reports as PDF - #9 by Ulanbek and reported as a bug here [DHIS2-11705] - Jira

How do you export your dataSet reports into XLS or PDF? maybe you create your custom data entry forms in different way, so never met this issue?

Please share your experiences and knowledges here on how to form such custom forms, so it can be formed and exported by the dataSet report app.

Thank you.


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Sorry to say that if the custom form code is complex and not the default and basic HTML code, it will be export as PDF properly. This has been the case for a while. There doesn’t seem to be a community demand to change it. I believe exporting and importing data has been largely through APIs and probably many resort to the default forms.


@Gassim, thank you for your message. I believe that most of community members have faced this issue, but hesitate/reluctant to rise the question.
Of course would be great if community members at least show the interest and add their votes so this issue could be revised by the developers more closely.

Additionally there are another problem connected to the options translations in the pivot table, during the export to xls/csv. It is completely disregards translations only during the export, although on the screen everything is completely fine. And as a result I couldn’t get not only translated table, I couldn’t get pivot table as formatted on the screen… :frowning:
So let’s wait hopefully developers will look at this problem soon.

Thank you again @Gassim

Regards, Ulanbek

Thanks @Ulanbek! I agree, it helps the community as a whole when members contribute and share their challenges as well as raise similar questions. Thank you!

Please, has this been reported to jira with the steps to reproduce?

Thank you!