Calendar in arabic interface [FIXED]

Hello ,
i’m facing an issue in will change the interface language and data base language from English to Arabic

there are two month Repeated same Name (March ,May) which represent ( آذار & أيار) but in calendar it’s shows both as آذار which is wrong , plz see screen shoot

I’m using version 2.39.3


Hi @Mohammad.Alwahsh

Could you please share the app name and app version number? I want to try and reproduce the issue in any of the instances


Hi @Gassim
Tracker capture App
version 2.39.3

also I’m using Interface language Arabic

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Hi @Mohammad.Alwahsh

This was a mistranslation in one of the sources used for the Tracker Capture app but it should be fixed in the next release. Thank you!

اعتقد اذا قمت باختيار لغة قاعدة البيانات
Arabic (Egypt) ستتغير مسميات الأشهر عندك

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